Vellum Keyboard Shortcuts: A Complete List

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Like most software applications, Vellum—the book layout software for Macs—can be used without keyboard shortcuts. But for those who like to stay out of menus as much as possible, I’ve prepared a complete list of Vellum keyboard shortcuts.

How to use Vellum keyboard shortcuts

Our list of keyboard shortcuts for Vellum includes several that are common to most apps that allow the user to write and edit text. They are included here because they are specifically indicated in the menus for Vellum.

To use a keyboard shortcut in Vellum, whenever you need to do something for which there is a keyboard shortcut, you press the keys in the shortcut simultaneously.

For example, if you want to open the Find and Replace panel, you would hold the Option key, the Command key, and F at the same time. In the list below that shortcut is shown as Option + Command + F. When you’re finished with Find and Replace, click the Done button to close it.

If you’ve never used Vellum keyboard shortcuts, it might be worth the effort to see if you find them helpful.

For some people, once they get accustomed to using them, keyboard shortcuts can speed up the work process. For others, not so much.

I know people who never use a mouse, especially with a laptop. I do my work on a MacBook Pro connected to a Thunderbolt display.

Since the laptop is never open, I have an external keyboard, trackpad, and a mouse. I use them all, but I also use the common keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, etc..

A list of 51 Vellum keyboard shortcuts

Note that in the following list of shortcuts the + sign is used only to indicate that you hit one key and hold it while you type the one after the + sign. It is never used as a shortcut key.

Most Vellum keyboard shortcuts use two keys. In some cases there are three keys involved. In that case, you would hold the first key + the second + the third key. The shortcut for Paste and Match Style requires four keys.

You don’t have to precisely type all the keys in one precise movement. Just hold the keys down until the two or three required keys are down at the same time. When you see the feature or action that you needed, release the keys.

Vellum’s Vellum menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - vellum for mac vellum menu
The Vellum menu in Vellum for Macs.

Preferences: Command + ,

Hide Vellum: Command + H

Hide Others: Option + Command + H

Quit Vellum: Command + Q

Vellum’s File menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - vellum for mac file menu
The File menu in Vellum for Macs.

New: Command + N

Open: Command + O

Close Window: Shift + Command + W

Close Tab: Command + W

Save: Command + S

Duplicate: Shift + Command + S

Generate Books: Shift + Command + B

Print Settings: Shift + Command + P

Vellum’s Edit menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - vellum for mac edit menu
The Edit menu in Vellum for Macs.

Undo: Command + Z

Redo: Shift + Command + Z

Cut: Command + X

Copy: Command + C

Paste: Command + V

Paste and Match Style: Option + Shift + Command + V

Delete: Command + Delete (left)

Select All: Command + A

Start Dictation: fn fn (fn twice)

Emoji & Symbols: Control + Command + Space

Vellum’s Edit > Find Menu keyboard shortcuts


Find: Command + F

Find and Replace: Option + Command + F

Find Next: Command + G

Find Previous: Shift + Command + G

Use Selection for Find: Command + E

Jump to Selection: Command + J

Vellum’s Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu keyboard shortcuts


Show Spelling and Grammar: Command + :

Check Document Now: Command + ;

Vellum’s Chapter menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - vellum for mac chapter menu
The Chapter menu in Vellum for Macs.

Add Chapter: Shift + Command + N

Show Current Paragraph in Preview: Command + Y

Go to Previous Chapter: Shift + Command + [

Go to Next Chapter: Shift + Command + ]

Vellum’s Text menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - vellum for mac text menu
The Text menu in Vellum for Macs.

Bold: Command + B

Italic: Command + I

Underline: Command + U

Vellum’s Text > Add Feature menu keyboard shortcuts


Subhead: Command + D

Ornamental Break: Command + K

Alignment Block: Command + T

Endnote: Command + 1

Vellum’s View menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - view menu in vellum for macs
The View menu in Vellum for Macs.

Show/Hide Show All Tabs: Shift + Command + \

Show/Hide Navigator: Shift + Command + T

Show/Hide Preview: Shift + Command + Y

Previous Page in Preview: Command + [

Next Page in Preview: Command + ]

Show/Hide Toolbar: Option + Command + T

Show/Hide Full Screen: Control + Command + F

Vellum’s Window menu keyboard shortcuts

vellum keyboard shortcuts - window menu in vellum for macs
The Window menu in Vellum for Macs.

Minimize: Command + M

Show Previous Tab: Control + Shift + Tab

Show Next Tab: Control + Tab


If you are a person who prefers to use a mouse and menus, you can certainly do so. If you prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, this list of Vellum keyboard shortcuts should come in handy.

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Official Vellum for Mac documentation.

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