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How to Find and Replace in Scrivener

Most people who write have an occasional need to find and replace words in their documents. A single page document in Word or a similar app would be easy to search. It can be a bit more complex when you need to find and replace in Scrivener, where you might be searching across dozens of scenes or chapters, each one [...]

By |September 3, 2021|Software for Writers|

How to Dictate in Microsoft Word

September 2, 2021|Software for Writers|

One of the handiest tools for writers that I know of is the ability to dictate in Microsoft Word. Microsoft 365 makes it easy for you to dictate your writing and have Word transcribe it into your document. You can actually type with your voice in Microsoft Word! How to Dictate in Microsoft Word In order to use [...]

Scrivener Vs. Word – Which Is Better for Writers?

August 11, 2021|Software for Writers|

Which is better for writers? In a Scrivener vs. Word showdown there isn’t one straight forward winner. It depends upon a particular writer’s focus and job-related needs. We’ll look at the differences between Scrivener and Microsoft Word that might impact their usefulness to writers and authors who normally work alone or with a co-author. I am a daily [...]

Easy to Follow Tech Tips

Our goal at is to provide up to date and easy to follow tech tips. We believe technology should make life easier, not harder. Every article on this website is written by a person whose age is several years north of 60 and who enjoys modern technology.

Every reader is welcome at the Our mission, though, is primarily directed toward two groups of people – those of any age who consider themselves “technology-challenged,” and those who are writers or creatives of another type.

There is no shame in asking the most basic question. Whoever you are, if you are wondering how to answer a tech-related question, and your search led you here, try our tips. Some are very short and to the point, others go into greater detail. Most of our tech tips pertain to products, software, or technology that writers and other creatives use in the creation of their art or in presenting their work online via their own website. Small business owners might find the same information useful.

You’ll also find occasional articles discussing home technology and some of the appliances, electronic handtools, and devices we’ve used. If we think you could benefit from learning about them, we’ll write about it.

If you are late coming to the online world and just need a little boost with the basics such as how to use a browser or how to get your email address, check out our Back to The Basics category. You’ll find easy to understand answers there.

Whether you find technology challenging or easy, you’ll be able to follow our tips. That’s why we call them “Tech tips without the brain cramp.”TM

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