Can Vellum Export to Word?

Can Vellum Export to Word? Yes, it can, indirectly. But why would you want to export from Vellum to Word when it’s usually the other way around? We’ll tell you why that could happen and how to move your work from Vellum to Word. Vellum, the book formatting software for Macs, was not created as a tool in [...]

Use Google Translate with MS Word

December 28, 2021|General software|

Most people who use current versions of Microsoft Word regularly will be familiar with Microsoft Translator. It can be accessed in Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019. There are some users who prefer to use Google Translate with Word instead of Microsoft Translator. Earlier versions of Office also had a translation capability but it worked differently than the [...]

Easy to Follow Tech Tips

Our goal at is to provide up to date and easy to follow tech tips. Every reader is welcome at the Our mission, though, is primarily directed toward two groups of people – those who are writers or creatives of another type, and those of any age who consider themselves “technology-challenged.”

Most of our tech tips pertain to products, software, or technology that writers and other creatives use in the creation of their art or in presenting their work online via their own website and third-party services. You won’t find writing tips here. Our writer is a published fiction and non-fiction author, but we’ll make no attempt at teaching anyone to write. We’ll leave that to others who are more qualified to teach the writing craft.

We don’t teach you to promote or market your work. But we will do our best to teach you to use technology, apps, and services that can help you promote and market your work more easily.

Technology should make life easier, not harder. Every article on this website is written by a person whose age is now closer to seventy than sixty and who enjoys writing, computers, and software – or apps as the younger generations would say.

There is no shame in asking the most basic question. Whoever you are, if you are wondering how to answer a tech-related question, and your search led you here, try our tips. Some are very short and to the point, others go into greater detail.

You’ll also find occasional articles discussing home technology that we’ve used. If we think you could benefit from learning about those appliances or devices, we’ll consider writing about them. Our focus, though, is on tools you use to practice your craft and earn an income from it.

If you are late coming to the online world and just need a little boost with the basics such as how to use a browser or how to type a letter on a computer, check out our Back to The Basics category. You’ll find easy to understand answers there.

Whether you find technology challenging or easy, you’ll be able to follow our tips. That’s why we call them “Tech tips without the brain cramp.”TM

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