About Us

We live in a time when technology seems to have taken over the world. Everywhere we look there’s another part of life that has changed because of technology.

I’m Tom Buford and I grew up without cell phones, microwave ovens, cable television, and home computers. I’m old enough to remember learning hand signals in drivers education class. Do you remember those? Point your arm straight out the window, pointing left for a left turn. Put your arm out the window and bend your elbow so that your hand points upward for a right turn. Put your arm out the window and bend your elbow so that your hand points toward the ground for a stop signal.

For those who wonder why such an archaic system might have been used, at the time I started driving there were still plenty of cars on the road that came from the factory without turn signals. Plus, what if the turn signals on your car failed? Hand signals to the rescue!

Today, we have cars available that don’t just have turn signals. They’ll tell us if we’re inadvertently veering over into the next lane. Some have cameras so that the driver can see all around the car. No more blind spots in mirrors. There are even cars that can drive themselves!

I have been interested in computers, software, cellphones and other forms of technology since the early 1990s and have years of experience using them. I’m an inquisitive person and a writer. I’ve asked thousands of questions in hopes of finding answers for myself. I figure that if I have asked the question, someone else has, too. I may as well share the questions I asked and the answers I discovered with you.

There are apps, services, and devices that can make that process easier, once you understand how to use them. My intention is to do what I can to flatten the learning curve for you.

Through TheTechieSenior.com, I especially enjoy helping other writers and creatives learn to use the apps and technology that allows them to become independently published—to present their work to the world. It may be the long-lived Microsoft Word and similar apps. It could Vellum, Scrivener, or other apps and services that help you format your work and spread it around the world. I spend my time trying to make them easier for you to use and hopefully, to help you succeed.

If you are looking for an answer to a question that you haven’t found here, please drop me a note. I’ll be glad to cover that topic for you if I can.

It doesn’t matter how basic the question seems to you. What is basic to one person may be more like rocket science to another. No matter what tech question you have, you’re not the only who has asked it. I may have, and if so, you’ll find a lot of those answers here. I promise to stick by our tagline – Tech Tips Without the Brain Cramp.TM