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How to Manually Add a Synopsis to Scrivener Documents
Software for Writers

How to Manually Add a Synopsis to Scrivener Documents

There are two ways to manually add a synopsis to Scrivener documents. One allows you to dictate word for word what the synopsis will say. The other uses text from your document to auto-fill the synopsis. In this article we’ll see how to manually add a synopsis to a Scrivener document. Learn how to use […]

format margins and gutters for print book in microsoft word
Software for Writers

How to Set Margins and Gutters For a Print Book in Microsoft Word

To save the cost of paying someone to format their books, some indie authors choose to format their books in the same app they use to write. In this article you’ll learn to properly set margins for a print book in Microsoft Word. What is the trim size in books? Every paperback and hardcover book […]

hidden paragraph marks
Back to the Basics

How to Show Hidden Paragraph Marks in Microsoft Word

Have you ever wondered how to see exactly how many blank lines your Microsoft Word document has between the fifth and sixth paragraph? Maybe you’d like to see your document in a more structural way—where the tabs are, whether there are any double spaces in a section of writing. Perhaps your short story has a […]

Scrivener for Mac change order of items in Outliner title and synopsis column
Software for Writers

How to Change the Order of Items in Scrivener Outliner Columns

We’ll show you how to change the order of items in Scrivener Outliner columns. It’s easier than you might think. The Outliner in Scrivener is a versatile tool that, in spite of its name, is not just useful for writers who outline. Even if you don’t outline as part of your writing process, the Outliner can […]

scrivener composition mode with background image
Software for Writers

How to Change the Background in Scrivener

If you want to dress up Scrivener’s layout, one thing you can do is to change the background in Scrivener. In this tutorial, we’ll concentrate on changing the background of Scrivener’s work area, not in finished documents. How to Change the Background in Scrivener One facet of Scrivener’s versatility that even some long-time users don’t […]

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